Singer / songwriter Loren Taylor was born in Chicago, USA, and influenced by the diverse mix of music found in that city --- everything from jazz to gospel, blues to House...

Loren worked at ground-breaking Chicago House label DJ International (Tyree Cooper, Joe Smooth, Fast Eddie, etc.) He uses that knowledge today for MC gigs, adding his vocals skills to the usual "hosting" required for the job. He is also involved in projects not only as a vocalist, but also as a composer, producer and sound engineer.

Loren went to Europe in the early 90's, and toured extensively both with his own projects, and as a backup musician & singer for international recording artists. He has worked live on stage for artists such as Zucchero, Eddie Floyd ("Knock On Wood"), Celine Dion, Rufus Thomas, Craig David and others.

He has also appeared often on international, national & local television broadcasts thru-out Europe --- ARD, ZDF & RTL (Germany); TVE (Spain); DRS (Switzerland); NBC-Giga (Europe-wide); video airplay on MTV Europe; appearance in Italy, Holland & Eastern Europe; and numerous television interviews thru-out Europe.

His recordings have been released in over 60 countries, as well as top web portals like iTunes, Beatport and DJ Downloads.

He now resides his hometown Chicago, USA.



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